We help companies enrich customer information

For more than two decades, Master Information has been committed to helping companies improve the knowledge of their customers

Thanks to the well-established experience of its consultants specializing in research, market analysis, area marketing and CRM, our mission is to provide support to Financial Institutions (BanksInsurance) Networks and Groups to better plan market action and enhance their own network of outlets integrated on multichannel and web.

Find out how to create valuable actions
on the ground and measure the results.

Our values



Innovative solutions and analysis that make it easy to take ownership of information with immediately applicable results.



Shared and planned solutions with customers that rely on constantly updated and integrated application and information structures.



Our 20 years of experience is thefoundation on which we strive to deliver reliable , qualityresults with an unwavering commitment to excellence in our work.



The modular approach ensures immediate and customizable operational results.

Our Team

Master Information offers you a highly qualified team that combines a passion for data with consulting experience. We are ready to provide you with quick and appropriate answers to help you make effective and efficient decisions in achieving your business goals.

Our integrated approach and diversity of perspectives ensure comprehensive support and individualized coaching for each client.

The code of ethics

The Code of Ethics outlines the essential values and standards of behavior to promote adherence to the principles of fairness in all business activities. Through this tool, we strive to ensure the quality of our services in compliance with the law.

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