Territorial Marketing

Leverage Your Territory's Potential to Enhance Your Business Success

Territorial marketing utilizes geographic information to identify business opportunities, develop marketing strategies, and improve customer relationships. This strategic approach aims to increase the company’s visibility, reputation, and turnover.

Analyzing the reference territory allows discovering market opportunities, better understanding customers, improving competitive positioning, and developing tailored marketing strategies. Territorial analysis enables identifying areas of interest to focus marketing activities and profitable zones for investments.

The advantages of territorial marketing are numerous

Territorial Marketing provides informational, methodological, and operational support to integrate the territory into business development strategies, facilitating targeted decision-making.

Marketing Territoriale
Improving Competitive Positioning

It helps to improve your competitive positioning by leveraging information about competitors' activities in the reference territory.

Identifying Promising Markets

It enables the identification of the most promising market areas, in order to effectively focus your marketing activities.

Discovering New Opportunities

It allows the identification of new business opportunities through the analysis of market trends and environmental changes.

Customer Analysis by Sector

It aids in better understanding the reference market by identifying customer needs and purchasing behaviors.

Developing Customer Relationships

It enables the development of long-term relationships with customers, through the analysis of their needs and purchasing habits.



SitWin: a set of accurate analyses crucial for assessing the territory's potential, determining positioning, and market share at both the municipal and catchment area levels.



GeoReti is a set of customizable analytical tools that help locate competition on maps, check the distance between competing branches, locate customers on maps and assess different purchasing behaviors, analyze the concentration of customers in the territory with a specific product, and develop micro-territorial level analyses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Master-i provides a range of solutions for territorial analysis, including the analysis of territorial potentials at the municipal, micro-zone, catchment area levels of Branches, and organizational areas, the evaluation of positioning for customer segments, and the analysis of competitors’ activities in the reference territory.

Master-i uses Territorial Marketing to help its clients better understand their target market, identify the most promising market areas, develop long-term relationships with customers, improve their competitive positioning, and discover new business opportunities.

Master-i uses a wide range of data sources, including governmental institutions, internal company data, and geolocation services.

Territorial Marketing can help online sales activities to identify specific geographic areas to focus their marketing efforts, increasing the likelihood of reaching ideal customers and improving their competitive position.

There are multiple metrics that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of Territorial Marketing campaigns, such as customer conversion rate, average transaction value, ROI, growth in customer numbers, and existing customer loyalty. Master-i can support the monitoring and evaluation of Territorial Marketing campaign performance through customized data analysis and reporting solutions.

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