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Network Development with Geomarketing: Optimize Your Territorial Presence

Network Development with Geomarketing: Optimize Your Territorial Presence Our area dedicated to network development and geomarketing offers a strategic approach to optimize your company's territorial presence. Through a combination of precise localization, flow analysis, themes, and geographic concentration, we help companies make informed decisions about positioning and expanding their sales networks. With our solutions, you can identify areas with the greatest potential, maximize territorial coverage, optimize visit routes, and efficiently manage your field presence.

Territorial marketing is used to analyze a company's reference territory to identify market opportunities, better understand its customers, improve its competitive position, and develop tailored marketing strategies. Indeed, through territorial analysis, it is possible to identify areas of interest to focus marketing activities and the most profitable zones for investment.

Our services include:

Maximize your territorial presence with our localization, analysis, and geographic optimization services. Maximize your coverage, identify growth opportunities, and strategically position your business for market success.

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Precise Localization

Strategically position your networks, customers, and prospects to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing and sales activities.

Area and Flow Vision

Get a clear overview of territorial dynamics to identify areas with the most potential and develop targeted strategies.

Themes and Coverage

Analyze themes and market shares to maximize your territorial coverage and identify growth opportunities.

Visit and Route Management

Optimize visit routes, considering distances, travel times, and priorities, to improve operational efficiency.

Network and Channel Rationalization

Develop a multichannel presence and strategically position your network to maximize business opportunities.

B-LTV Review and Predictive Analysis

Evaluate long-term value and optimize the positioning of networks and channels through advanced and predictive analysis.


Our solutions

Rete Sportelli - Area Rete e Canali


We offer localization and analysis services for banks and financial groups to maximize the efficiency of the branch network. Knowing the characteristics of branches, analyzing competitor interest zones, and selecting squares based on filters allows for strategic decisions for openings, transfers, and closures.


We provide complete services to understand and optimize financial networks. We map, consult, and extract lists of promoters and agents by territory, mandate, and intermediary. You can monitor territorial statistics by intermediary and have a scenario of networks over time.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. By analyzing the characteristics of branches, competitor interest zones, and selecting squares based on specific filters, we help make strategic decisions for openings, transfers, and closures.

We provide you with advanced tools for viewing and modifying the areas of agents. It’s possible to map areas, consult detailed information, and make necessary changes to maximize the effectiveness of the distribution and optimize resource allocation.

We provide detailed information on the composition of Financial Groups, lists of promoters and agents by territory, mandate, and intermediary. Additionally, we monitor networks over time to help you assess trends and make strategic decisions based on reliable data.

A geomarketing-based approach in managing the distribution network offers numerous benefits. It allows for making strategic decisions based on precise and relevant territorial information. You can optimize the distribution of agents, maximize territorial coverage, and identify new business opportunities. Moreover, it helps improve operational efficiency, optimize routes, and reduce transportation costs.

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